By tapping into the resources of our highly skilled marine team Tri-Marine is pleased to announce the launch of our online Product Specific Training Platform.

We have worked alongside AC Develop to produce modules under the products of:

  • Hull
  • Marine Cargo

We have further ensured that our product training meets the FSCA requirements, for a fully compliant process. And this is just the starting point for us. Watch this space for the launching of our Liability and Pleasurecraft modules.

We have been and are still happy to do in-house training with our Brokers upon request, however are extremely excited to bring this easy to use, easily accessible and convenient platform to the market.

We may in future provide additional notices and CPD content which will all be published on this site for ease of access. To access the system please click on the product training tab above and follow the steps provided.

Happy training.

The Tri-Marine Team